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Brouwersvliet 23, Brouwersvliet 23, 2000 Antwerpen, België,Antwerp, Belgium, Antwerp, AN, BE

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Organiser: PS.WeDance

Poster for ZoukClub PS.WeDance on Saturday, April  6 by PS.WeDance

★ Hey Zoukies! We are coming back from our trip to Brazil re-energized by the sun and with a lot of new Zouk info from our studies there. We are preparing a fun return with our ZoukClub, on the 6th of April, covered with party vibes!

🔥Our workshop structure:
➪ 17h - Beginners/Intermediate class - 1h
➭ Physical conditioning (open to all levels)
➭ Dance warm-up and self-improvement (open to all levels)
➭ Zouk moves and aspects (open to all levels)

➪ 18h - Intermediate/Advanced class - 1h
➭ Physical conditioning (intermediate/advanced zouk dancers)
➭ Dance warm-up and self-improvement (intermediate/advanced zouk dancers)
➭ Zouk moves and aspects (intermediate/advanced zouk dancers)*

➪ 19h until 23h - Social with DJ PS.WeDance!🎶

Everybody is always invited to do the Physical conditioning and Dance warm-up and self-improvement. We work on the core, dance solo techniques, and musicality.

🙃It's a bit different, isn't it? It's because our goal is to give you structure, technique, and awareness so you enjoy your Congresses, Workshops, Weekly Classes, and Socials.

💓 We study a lot and want to share it all with you!

Also, we found an amazing nice place with a beautiful view of all of Antwerp… Come check it out!

➪ One class -13 early-bird / 15 at the door
➪ Social - 13 early-bird / 15 at the door
➪ FULL DAY PASS - 20 early-bird / 25 at the door
**To secure your spot, kindly deposit the early-bird rate into this account before Friday (5th April), including your name and the word "ZoukClub" in the transaction details.
Our KBC account: BE13 7310 4095 9839

In a few days, we will give more details. Until there you can DM us for more questions.

A big close embrace hug!


❓Want to understand the class structure better?

➭Physical conditioning:
» Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, and Stabilizing exercises for your dancing body.
» Benefits:
• More fluid dance, as we are more stable;
• Core prepared to support the partner and yourself during turns;
• Better support and structure for counter-balance;
• Protect the neck when doing head movements;
• Protect lower back when doing cambré;
• Flexibility for doing better decorations.

➭ Dance warm-up and self-improvement:
Focused on dance movements and awareness: Turns, head movements, weight shifts, balance, undulations, musicality, decorations, and individual aspects will be in the spotlight.

➭ Zouk moves and aspects:
Here you learn zouk moves with a follower/leader to apply the new input from the previous topics that were worked in this class.

Map of the area around Brouwersvliet 23, Brouwersvliet 23, 2000 Antwerpen, België,Antwerp, Belgium, Antwerp, AN, BE

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