Z-Axis Dance Weekly Classes – 3 levels

118 Emu Bank, 2617, Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

(In 6 days)

Organiser: Z-Axis Zouk Canberra

Poster for Z-Axis Dance Weekly Classes – 3 levels on Wednesday, December  6 by Z-Axis Zouk Canberra

About Z-Axis Dance Canberra
“Expression through movement”
Our classes are focused on the underlying fundamentals of Zouk, which empowers students to dance expressively and freely while still being able to lead and follow successfully. We welcome anyone who wants to become a part of an inclusive community through our fun and energetic classes!

There are 3 levels available:
All normal classes are held on Wednesdays and go for 1 hour.

6.45pm – Level 1
7.45pm – Level 2
8.45pm – Level 3

All normal classes are $20 each.

Sign up and attend multiple levels per night for a significant discount.

Level 1 is designed to cover the core basics of Zouk, and bring anyone from 3 left feet into a dancer!
We always recommend going over the basics for even the most advanced Zouker, and tailor our classes to always provide something for our students to improve from.

Level 2 builds on the basics covered in level 1, introducing more complex turn patterns and starting to cover the fundamentals of upper body movement.
Level 2 also begins to introduce concepts surrounding musicality and expression.

Level 3 brings in advanced upper body movement, tilted turns and even more advanced turn patterns.
Level 3 also focuses further on musicality, expression and connection between partners.

Map of the area around 118 Emu Bank, 2617, Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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