Saturday Salsa Enrichment Workshops

51B King St, Perth WA 6000, Australia,Perth, Western Australia, Perth, WA, AU

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Organiser: Salsa Bachata & Kizomba with Danza Loca

Poster for Saturday Salsa Enrichment Workshops on Saturday, July 13 by Salsa Bachata & Kizomba with Danza Loca
Salsa Bachata Kizomba

Wanna be a better dancer sooner?
Wanna look and feel your best every time you hit the floor?
Wanna master the material from Perth's most popular Salsa classes in a studio environment?
Wanna the learn the techniques, movements and style that will make you a sought after dance partner?
Wanna go "off the reservation" and learn bonus moves and tricks we don't cover in our core syllabus?
Wanna be able to dance to EVERY song played at the party?
Do you wanna know the difference between "good" and "bad" dancing?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Saturday workshops are for you.
We'll improve your steps, styling and technique, and of course we''ll teach you some cool combos for the dance floor!!
Our 2hr Salsa Enrichment Workshops ($35) include techniques, steps and styling designed to make you a better Salsa dancer sooner. We cater to ALL levels from Beginner to Advanced in a studio environment (away from the bustle of our regular "nightclub" classes) with a high teacher/student ratio to help everybody get the feedback they need.
Each week, in the first hour, we will cover a new aspect of social dancing, and is often taught through a different medium than ONLY Salsa.. (Such as Bachata combos, hip movement in Merengue, or connection in Kizomba etc)
The second hour is devoted to accelerating your progress through your current Salsa Casino level in small groups.
Beginner 1A Salsa students will actually get 2 full hours devoted to Salsa, to get them moving sooner
(NB although we usually address separate topics at 3pm and 4pm, these are NOT separate lessons. This a 2hr workshop that starts at 3pm.)
With basics and fundamentals and connection for beginners, plus cool combos, styling and musicality for intermediate and advanced dancers, these workshops are a great way to learn these dances while still developing your Salsa.
Learn why these rhythms are becoming such a popular social dancing phenomenon from 3pm this Saturday!
No bookings required, see you there!!

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