Saturday Live Music @"The Backyard-Brussels

The Backyard Paul Gilsonlaan 450 1620 Drogenbos

Saturday, October 1 - 19:00 (In 5 days)

Organiser: Talal Benlahsen

A live music experience ties us to that story in an even more intimate way. ... We listen to the music differently when artists are sweating and playing and singing and pouring their words out right in front of us. Musicians tell us their story and by being in the presence of that story, it becomes part of ours as well.
"DRAYKA" has invited "SKALA B MENOR" band & "Dj Alex"....
So… put on your shoes, wear your best of smiles, and do honor to "The Lady of The Backayard". She's there watching over you....


Presale: 12€.
At the door: 15€.

Map of the area around The Backyard Paul Gilsonlaan 450 1620 Drogenbos

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