Moving & Grooving into Zouk with Nelly Caldeira

Studio M Ballroom Club, Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA, USA

(In 6 months)

Poster for Moving & Grooving into Zouk with Nelly Caldeira on Sunday, December 22
Zouk Forró

... to have fun, feel alive and develop a Brazilian dance flavor from inside out?... to drop into your body and get out of your head when you dance?... to stop struggling with lack oh hip, chest and body movement?... to not give a damn about what others think and start feeling comfortable with the expression of your own body?
If so, this is the PERFECT monthly PROJECT for YOU! 



 Part 1 (solo experience)
In this session you can expect to:

 Feel energized by a very fun dance & movement class; Move & Groove to Brazilian funk, Axe, Forro, zouk and many other dance genres; Increase your body mobility, flexibility and strength); Develop freedom to explore your own movement; Find what feels good in your body.

 Part 2 (shared/ zouk partnered experience)
In this session you can expect to:

 Connect with others in a safe, fun and healthy environment; Learn how to translate previous class moves to your zouk dance; Explore social dance concepts with others; Train zouk fundamentals, concepts and patterns as leads & followers. Practice over and over again.

 IT'S TIME to stop learning more patterns and start focusing on how the dance IS feeling!

 Believe me, if your dance doesn't feel good to you and it's not fun too you, it will rarely feel good or fun to others. Invest in your own experience! 



Date: April 14, 2023. (Sunday)Time: 3-5pmLocation: Studio M - 3550 Stevens Creek Blvd #130, San Jose.

Pass $37
1 ) Fill out the registration form below:

2) Venmo @nelly_caldeira (business profile) - link below.

> Registration closes on Saturday, April 13 at 12pm.> No sign ups allowed on the day of the event.> You will receive an email confirmation up to 24h after completing both steps.


 LIMITED SPOTS: 16 people only (due to space capacity). Not a regular Brazilian zouk class. Open-level class with focus on the social dance experience. This project is designed as a whole experience so make an effort to be there for all the classes. No jean pants or heels allowed. Dress comfortably. Bring shoes, socks, a yoga mat , your water bottle and be ready to be barefoot (if needed).

 2024 CALENDAR - Save the DATES! 

Here are the dates for the upcoming editions: (each event will have it's own sign up form)
May 12Jun 16Jul 14Aug 11Sep 22Oct 13Nov 17Dec 22


THIS IS neither A CHOREOGRAPHY CLASS, nor a FUNK, nor a HIPHOP class. This project has been intentionally created for you to have fun, play and translate organic movement to Brazilian zouk.We'll focus what we feel and how it feels. This is a space for exploration and you will LOVE IT!
Welcome to my world!Love and Zouk hugs,Nelly

Map of the area around Studio M Ballroom Club, Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA, USA

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