Lento Dance Festival 2024 - Vienna

Am KaisermΓΌhlendamm 106, Vienna, Vienna

(In 2 weeks)

Poster for Lento Dance Festival 2024 - Vienna on Friday, August  2
Salsa Bachata

🌟 Get ready to spice up your summer at the first edition of Lento Dance Outdoors Festival! 🌴✨
Whether you're a dance floor pro or just starting, this fest is for YOU.
πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ What's in store:
⏩ 30+ Bachata & Salsa Workshops for all levels
⏩ Live shows with international dancers
⏩ Open-air Dance floors at the Danube
⏩ x3 Open-air Social Dance Parties
πŸ“… Dates: August 2nd - August 4th
πŸŒ… Where: Vienna City Beach Club (VCBC)
πŸ“™ Lineup:
⏩ Magda & Valeria (Bachata Moderna 2.0)
⏩ Simone & Daniela (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Juan & Sara (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Carla & Sergio (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Virginia & Maicol (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Jules (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ DJ York & Lisa (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Karina Osorio (Bachata Dominicana & Salsa LA)
⏩ Laurenz & Olga (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Anna Pashchenko (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Chris Lee (Salsa Cubana)
⏩ Sana & Dragana (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Cheeky & Nathalie (Bachata Dominicana & Salsa LA)
⏩ Peter & Pamela (Bachata Sensual)
⏩ Johannes Zare & Mel Louise (Bachata Sensual)
🎧 DJ Dimen5ions
🎧 DJ York
🎧 DJ Andy
🎧 DJ Infinity
Let's make this summer unforgettable on the dance floor!
Photo & Video Disclaimer: Lento Club reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video.
Attendees who do not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer, and/or the event organizers, and/or contact info@lentoclub.com.
Event Disclaimer: Lento Club reserves the right for any minor lineup changes, due to any unforeseen circumstances/events.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Map of the area around Am KaisermΓΌhlendamm 106, Vienna, Vienna

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