Salsa Cubana Course 10 Weeks

Waldeck Pyrtmontkade 115

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Poster for Salsa Cubana Course 10 Weeks on Monday, April  8 by Latin Soul Dance

Salsa Cubana
From the basics to the groove.
10-week course.
We offer an international learning experience that draws on the best practices of the Cuban Salsa Style.
A Cuban salsa course typically involves learning the basic steps and techniques of Cuban salsa, also known as casino salsa.
This salsa style is characterized by its circular movements, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and fluid partner work.
Over the course of 6 weeks, students will typically learn various basic steps, turns, and combinations, as well as techniques for leading and following.
The course may also cover Cuban body movement and footwork and the history and cultural significance of salsa music and dance in Cuba.
Each class may begin with a warm-up and review of previously learned material, followed by introducing new steps and combinations.
Students will have the opportunity to practice with different partners in the Rueda Casino.
The difficulty level may increase as the course progresses, with more complex combinations and turns being introduced.
Our instructors, Nelson & Angela, are experienced and passionate dancers who will guide you through each step, from the basic footwork and timing to the more advanced techniques and combinations. We guarantee that you will feel the groove and rhythm of salsa by the end of our program.
Our innovative teaching methodology focusing on individualized attention and practice makes our program new and revolutionary. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, so we tailor our classes to meet the needs and goals of each student.
Our program also includes social events and performances, allowing you to showcase your skills and connect with other dancers in the community.

Price: 150 Course

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