Afrikan Soul, 1st Floor, 341 Lygon Street, Melbourne, 3053, AU

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Poster for KIZOMBA PAIXAO SUNDAYS on Sunday, March 24
Kizomba Zouk

Join us every Sunday night! Learn to understand and master the art of Kizomba such that you can step onto a social dance floor anywhere and feel confident in your skill set. You will love both the learning and the community we support.
We presently run weekly classes for both Fundamental and Intermediate level Kizomba dancers (with privates by arrangement). The terms run in 6 week blocks of progressive content to facilitate our new joiners as best as possible. Classes are always followed by 3 hours of social dancing – essential for practicing those skills and meeting/making connections with our amazing community of Kizomba dancers here in Melbourne!
6.30pm – 7.30pm: Intermediate
This includes learning new combinations of moves and footwork, but more importantly this will be coupled with progression of your command of musicality, styling and individuality as a dancer.
7.30pm – 8.30pm: Fundamentals
This includes an introduction to the history and culture of the dance, all the fundamental steps required to give you a strong foundation in learning the dance (basics, estrelas, virgulas, saidas etc) along with key lead-follow and the connection training required to give you proficiency on a social dance floor.
8.30pm – 9pm: Free Class
This class will rotate each week between Zouk, Konpa, Semba, Tarraxinha, Congolese Rumba, N’dombolo etc. All are styles that have root origins aligning with the cultural context and they will enhance your body movement, musicality and understanding of where you can further develop your own individual style within Kizomba.
8.30pm – 11.30pm Social Dancing
Essential on so many levels! Across the night the music obviously has a Kizomba focus, but includes the affiliated genres of Semba, Zouk, Kompa, Urban Kiz, Afro, Ndombolo, Soukous (etc!)
Level 1, 341 Lygon St, Carlton (Elgin St Car Park adjacent)
1 class: $25 (includes social)
2 classes: $40 (includes social)
6 Week Term Pass: $120 (includes social)
10 class pass “Valid for 3 months”: $220 (includes social)
Social: $15
➡️Online tickets and passes are available at:
-Private Classes
We are also available for private lessons. These are a great way to fast track your learning…get in touch if you want to know more!
Our fundamentals course is for people with less than 6 months experience. If you are completely new to Kizomba, new to our training syllabus, or need a refresher, this is where you should start! ✅ No matter your level you will gain something from this course! Many of our strongest dancers trained through this several times and still periodically return to refresh. You can also use this class to learn the opposing role e.g. leaders learn to follow, followers learn to lead…something we can’t recommend highly enough!
Our intermediate course is designed for students progressing from our fundamentals course, or those with at least 4 months training in Kizomba (and to be clear, Urban Kiz experience does not directly translate to Kizomba experience).
✅ Assumed knowledge includes: competency across basics, estrelas, virgulas, saidas, lead-follow dynamics, connection, frame, and an ability to lead all of this on a social dance floor (ie – the ultimate test of how well you actually mastered something!)

Map of the area around Afrikan Soul, 1st Floor, 341 Lygon Street, Melbourne, 3053, AU

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