Kizomba Fundamentals Bootcamp - for beginners and higher levels

Odense Salsa

(In a week)

Salsa Kizomba


This event is for everybody who has either NEVER tried kizomba fusion before, is 'self taught', or needs a little refresher of the basics 😊
(Or maybe even a brave man who wants to improve his leading skills by trying to be a follower for a day - who knows? I strongly recommend it! ;) )

We will work on the basic technique and movements of this dance.

If you have never tried to dance kizomba fusion before, but you would like to try it and see if it's a dance style for you - come and join! 😍💃🕺

• Where? The event takes place in Odense Salsaforening, Munkebjergvej 140D

• Time and date? 8th of October at 10:00-13:30

• Sign-up? Go to

• Price? 290 for non-students, 250 for students

• When to pay? When your sign up has been approved

• How to pay? Mobile pay to Lisa Jensen, 23416623
OBS: Payment is non-refundable

Some of the things we will work on...
• Basic 1, 2, 3

• Core tension and how to move, including weight transfer

• Connection, frame, and matching your partners energy (one of the most important things, which is often too overlooked)

• Leader saida (men saida)

• Follower saida (lady saida)

• ...And much more... 😊

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me here on facebook, Lisa M Jensen :D

Map of the area around Odense Salsa

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