FIESTA Argentina! Tango, Folklore, Cumbia, Cuarteto & more in Rotterdam

Schoterbosstraat 17, 3032 CN Rotterdam, Nederland,Rotterdam, Netherlands, Rotterdam, ZH, NL

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Organiser: Casa Argentina - Rotterdam

Poster for FIESTA Argentina! Tango, Folklore, Cumbia, Cuarteto & more in Rotterdam on Saturday, April 20 by Casa Argentina - Rotterdam


14:30-15:45 Worksho by Julia Ozols & Mariano Laplume: "Chacarera & Gato". We will revise basic step and basic elemnts to go deeper into improvisation and freedom in the dance.
Suitable for total beginners, no partners needed to sign up!

16:00 - PEÑA FIESTA!!!
It would be great party with lot of life music by amazing musicians and singers: Mirre, Alvaro, Marcelo, Mariano and more guests! It would be folklore, tango, cumbia, cuarteto...
It would be lot of authentic food and drinks, shared love and light, great mood and lot of fun!
Join with the entire family from 0 till the infinity years old :)

Workshop + Peña: 16 p.p (1 choripan and 1 drink incl.)
PLEASE Make pre-ordering ONLY if you want more than 1 choripan or you prefer vegetarian option (empanada)
🔥🔥🔥Party like the Argentinians 🔥🔥🔥

Teachers: Mariano Laplume (🇦🇷) & Julia Ozols (🇺🇦)
👉Folklore & Tango Pena with Live music and DJs:

Alvaro Ruiz (🇦🇷) Guitar
Marcelo Belardinelli (🇦🇷) Guitar & Voice
Mariano Laplume (🇦🇷) Bombo
+ guests musicians.

Tango DJ 🎧 Mariano Laplume (🇦🇷)
Folc DJ 🎧 Julia Ozols (🇺🇦)

FOOD🧉🍷🌭 🥟
There is going to be also a small buffet with Argentinian delicatesens.
*EMPANADAS (Argentinian kind of pastry with meat or vegetarian filling)
*PASTAFROLA(Argentinian sweet speciality) and hot and cold drinks on sale.
*CHORIPAN(Argentinian style sousage in bread with special souce)
*Hot and cold Drinks

- Cuartito Azul - Schoterbosstraat 17, 3032 CN, Rotterdam
Alvaro Rovira - Guitar - Argentina
Outstanding Argentine Tango and South American folklore 8 stings Guitarist with more than 20 years of experience with a dregree from “Escuela de Música Contemporánea” in Buenos Aires and Codarts Rotterdam(2010) where he is also teacher.

Mariano Laplume - Tango & Folclore teacher and performer - Argentina
A multifaceted artist from Buenos Aires, Mariano is a musician(Viola, Violin and Bombo) and Argentine Tango and Folclore dancer. He regularly teaches and performs in Europe and runs a succesful tango school in London, UK. He is also former member of Orquesta Academica del Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires and Sexteto Milonguero.

Julia Ozols - Tango & Folclore teacher and performer - Ukraine
Her heart fell in love with Argentinian Folklore and Tango 8 years ago.
After countless hours of intensive study and training with top Maestros, she is now sharing her knowledge and experience of more than 50 folklore dances in lessons and performances in Europe.

Argentina has a very rich tradition of popular and folcloric music and dances.
Tango is one of them, and perhaps the most known outside of Argentina. But there are more than 70 different dances that are played and danced on the whole Argentina with a rich and ALIVE continuity since the birth of the country.
You might be surprised to know that Argentine Folclore( Zamba, Chacarera, Gato, Escondido, etc) is much bigger and popular than Tango, especially since the "boom of Folclore" in the 1950's and keeps growing.
Argentine Folclore has it's roots from 3 different cultural sources: native americans, African slaves and europeans and their decendents(criollos)
In modern times Folcore is played and danced in big popular festivals(with 100.000s people each year) and small local events called "Peñas Folcloricas", a mix of live and recorded music, dancing, traditional and regional food, and sometimes lessons to learn and practice the different Folc dances.

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