15th yr Anniversary Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach w/Intro lesson & Live music

Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach, Seattle, United States, Seattle, WA, US

(In a week)

Organiser: Bds Salsa Jim

Poster for 15th yr Anniversary Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach w/Intro lesson & Live music on Saturday, June 29 by Bds Salsa Jim
Salsa Bachata

Welcome to our 15th Year Anniversary of "Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach" Summer events.
Dance partners are not needed. Please share this with your friends.
Please note our events may cancel due to weather, updates are posted by noon day of.

**Wristbands sold on site ONLY,
**Beware: Tickets are NOT being pre sold.

1st EVENT. DATE: Saturday, June, 29th
Feel free to RSVP to these dates on THIS invite:
(7/6, 7/27, 8/10, 8/24, 9/7, 9/14)

TIME: Intro Lesson @4:30pm.
Dance Social @5:30pm-9:30pm

$35 4:30pm-5:30pm Intro lesson with (dance inclusive)
$28 5:30pm-9:30pm dance cover only (Live band)
Cash, Venmo or Master/Visa welcome.
Salsa: Featuring live music by ((( BURNA VIBRA ))
Bachata: Dj armonic
50/50 mix

!!FREE Anniversary T-shirt giveaway to the first 20 attendees starting 5:30pm.

2726 Alki Ave. SW Seattle. WA 98116. (We are set up right at the Statue of Liberty Plaza)
Our fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/449252355104610

**Details on weekly salsa lessons starts Jan. 9th & 10th in West Seattle

Please make time for parking, check out water taxis from Pier 50 to West Seattle, then Uber or walk the rest of the way as an option. https://kingcounty.gov/.../water-taxi/west-seattle.aspx

**IMPORTANT INFORMATION** -- Rules & Guidelines -

You are required to have your wristband visible at all times while dancing. We ask all dancer to purchase your wrist band prior to dancing to avoid the possibility of being escorted off the floor by security in the middle of your dance.

-- Dance Floor--
We will be providing a dance floor for this event. Dancing off the dance floor is a violation under our permit. Though this is a public park, it is by law & city codes that all amplified music must have a permit to play. To avoid our awesome event to being shut down, we ask all dancers please DO NOT dance outside of the rented dance floor area blocking car paths and pedestrians walkway, as this is violating the city parks rules. Violators will be approached by our security or by a police officer.

--Dance Shoes--
All dance shoes are welcome as we have a dance floor laid out for your pleasure. Duct tape or any sharp metal objects such as staples, exposed nails on your shoes are NOT allowed.
--Open Alcohol --
It is unlawful in a park to consume, or to possess an open container holding, or to open a container holding liquor as defined in Subsection 12A.24.010 C. You will be asked to leave our permitted site with NO refund.

-- Performers --
All dance performances on Alki Beach are by choice, and must be approved by Sazon Dance Events, because this event is hosted, founded and funded all by Sazon Dance Events, we ask that all performers have a clear understanding and to respect our rules and policy. As a performer, we are more than happy to announce your dance company or your dance studio before your performance and after your performance, flyers, business cards allow at check in table with approval by organizer.

-- Promoters--
If you wish to promote your company or your upcoming events (flyers business cards, etc) They are not to be hand distribute to dancers or to be leave at the park benches. Please ask for approval by the organizer Jim Chow or contact us at 206-930-7246.
Our event is a rented space by Sazon Dance Events, under the city codes with the Seattle Parks & Recreation. We have the rights to ask violators to leave our rented site.

-- Videos/Photos--
Feel free to take photos or videos, but please tag or share it with us on fb. Send us a link from Youtube. https://www.facebook.com/SazonDanceEvents - Sea.
To all the dancers, we would like to thank you for your understanding and your continued support to keep these awesome outdoor dance events going. Your feedback is always welcome, please feel free to send us an email at c2Fsc2ExamltIHwgeWFob28gISBjb20=. We look forward to seeing all of you at the beach!

--Opening for Alki staff--
Be part of our team, we are currently seeking event set up and break down staff, please txt or call us for details 206-930-7246

Map of the area around Salsa & Bachata on Alki Beach, Seattle, United States, Seattle, WA, US

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